eSSL Boom Barrier Noise Less, Non Spring BG-BDC-RL-100

Brand: eSSL
Price Starts: ₹ 55000


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Working Temperature : -30℃~+70℃, Power Supply: DC24V, AC220V/110V, 50/60Hz, Open/close Speed: 1.5Sec-6Sec, Rated Power: 160W.

Product Detail

1. Advanced mechatronics hoisting design concept: Structure compact, quickly assembly, easy maintenance.
2. Molding production: high precision, fast efficiency and guaranteed quality.
3. Worm-gear secondary variable speed transmission: high precision, long lifetime, motor wheel design, gate opening by manually when power off, no blocking, no oil leakage, large torque, low noise ,can normally operation at the temperature of minus 35 degrees, etc.
4. DC brushless motor design: low consumption, high efficiency, no overheat, wide speed adjustment.

Product Specifications

Brand :eSSL

Open/close Speed :1.5Sec-6Sec

Rated Power :160W

Driving Method :DC Brushless Motor

Remote Control Distance :≤100m(In open Space)

Protection Grade :IP54

Max Boom Length :6m

Input Interface :Photo cell, loop detector, Manual Switch

Net Weight :35Kg

Warranty and Support :One year product warranty by Bharat Outlet

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