eSSL Multi Lane Flap Barrier FB-TL-219

Brand: eSSL
Price Starts: ₹ 125000


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Enhance security and streamline access control in offices, hotels, railway stations and airports with our cutting-edge flap barriers. Designed for efficiency and reliability, our solutions offer seamless entry management. Passage width (Max) : ≤ 550mm, Throughput rate : 35 p/m, Weight : FB-TL-119-L/R : 40kg, Dimension excluding bars : 800 X 280 X 960 mm.

Product Detail

Use IC cards, ID cards, bar code or magnetic cards as automatic identification system
Display has been in use for statistics and numbers
With voice and strobe light alerts
A combination of infrared sensors and police anti-illegal entry into pedestrian access
Double anti-clipping function, photocell anti-clipping and mechanical anti-clipping

Product Specifications

Brand :eSSL

Passage width (Max) :≤ 550mm

Throughput rate :35 persons/minute

Power supply :100 ~ 240V

Max Power Consumption :30 W

Protection Level (IP) :≥ 44

Dimension excluding bars :800 X 280 X 960 mm

Weight :40kg

Warranty and Support :One year product warranty by Bharat Outlet

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